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Explore ‘Bitcon Technology ’ the world of Microscopes and Scientific Instruments. we’re leading in providing innovative microscopy, camera and software solutions, repair & services , installation and preventive maintenance for imaging and analysis of macro, micro and nano-structures.

Menzel Uplight Microscope

Menzel Uplight Microscope is good microscope for imaging monitoring and performing various analysis as well as processing the different different solutions in wide range of imaging application or wide range of industries . It has […]

FluoLED Microscope

FluoLED shows both value to LED-based fluorescence and flexibility it used for educational and routine section.


FluoLED system is available in three versions and it contains attach directly
to the microscope transmitted fluorescence which is useful for […]

Stereo Microscopes

Stereo microscopes It also know as Low power microscope, It help us to view analyze and document the specimens details in 2 and 3 dimensions area.

It always give high-performance and robust results to the […]

Used Microscopes & Imaging Equipment

Microscopes and scientific equipment from Leica Microsystems never come cheap – and adequately so: Years of experience have gone into their development and they are made to last.

Used Microscopes tried and tested – to […]

Microscope Objectives

Microscopeservices – The Ultimate in Optical Competence

For more than 160 years Microscope services has designed and produced top-class objectives for a wide variety of applications in research, industry and medicine. The innovation power of Microscopeservices’ […]

Microscope Cameras

Microscope cameras from Microscope Service are particularly remarkable for their fast live images, short reaction times, high resolution and clear contrast. And they are compatible with almost all Microscope Service and macroscopes.

Sophisticated Microscope Cameras

We have […]

Digital Microscopes / 3D Display Microscopes

Digital microscopes are microscopes without eyepieces. A digital camera acts as a detector. Images are displayed on a screen or monitor, turning the microscopy workstation into an ergonomic computer workplace.

Inspection, documentation, and analysis without eyepieces

For […]

Surgical Microscopes

What does a surgeon expect from a first-rate surgical microscope? – Top-class imaging quality and the greatest possible freedom of movement.

Compact and Precise Systems

The surgical microscopes of Microscopeservices are exactly geared to the requirements of […]

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