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  • Inverted microscopes
  • Stereo zoom Microscopes
  • Upright Microscopes
  • Fluorescence Microscopy
  • polarizing Microscopes
  • Digital / laser Microscopes


  • Color Camera
  • Monochrome camera
  • C-MOS camera
  • Uncooled Cameras
  • USB Camera
  • Firmware Camera
  • CCD Cameras


  • Halogen Lamp
  • Fluorescent Mercury lamp
  • Tungsten Bulb
  • LED- Light Emitting Diode
  • Laser Light
  • Electron Beam
  • Fiber Optics illuminators


  • Stands
  • Slides & stains
  • Lights & Bulbs
  • Filters, Eyepieces
  • Condenser
  • Micrometer Scale & reticles
  • Eyepieces
Electron Microscopy Sample Preparation

Electron Microscopy Sample Preparation

Excellent sample preparation is the prerequisite for first-class electron microscopy.

Microscope Cameras

Microscope Cameras

Our digital microscope cameras are ideal for analysis and optimal presentation of your images.
Microscope Software

Microscope Software

Our microscope software is user-friendly and delivers excellent image results and analysis.
Super Resolution Microscopy

Super Resolution Microscopy

Microsystems is a pioneer in super-resolution microscopy working closely in collaboration with top scientists in this field. Microsystems is the only supplier of both, widefield and confocal super-resolution technology incorporating methods such as GSDIM and STED.
Microscope Objectives & Leitz OEM Optics

Microscope Objectives & Leitz OEM Optics

For more than 160 years Microsystems has designed and produced top-class objectives for a wide variety of applications in research, industry and medicine.
Used Microscopes & Imaging Equipment

Used Microscopes & Imaging Equipment

We are aware that budget plays a role in all fields of research, industry, and medicine. Used equipment is always an option to go for – now you can buy tried and tested Leica microscopes and accessories such as cameras or illumination directly from us as a manufacturer.